MSR Announces New Stove and Minimalist Tent

Just ahead of the Outdoor Retailer show in the U.S., MSR announced both a new stove and minimalist tent.


The WindBoiler is similar to MSR's Reactor Stove System, in that it gives outdoor enthusiasts a way to cook despite high winds. It is aimed at weekend backpackers and offers easy usability, superior boil times, and unmatched fuel efficiency in real-world conditions. Here is an excerpt from the announcement...

The WindBoiler’s ultra-efficient radiant burner combined with its enclosed design allows it to operate flawlessly in cold and windy conditions where other stoves slow or fail. Faster boil times mean less fuel consumption, and less for users to carry. The WindBoiler boils 0.5L of water a full minute faster than the leading competition in a breeze. In a 12-mph wind, it boils in a mere 2:45 min., while the competition fails to boil, no matter the amount of fuel used.

Primary air combustion, and convective and radiant heating help the WindBoiler achieve its high performance. A built-in heat exchanger adds greater efficiency. Together, the WindBoiler offers users unparalleled cooking reliability, regardless of the conditions of their environment.
The WindBoiler’s smart construction also restricts flames from singing the insulated cozy and handle, even in strong winds. Built for one to two backpackers, the system features an intuitive, easy-to-use, handheld design. The compact pot twists onto the windproof burner for a secure, non-slip fit.

The integrated full-size bowl allows minimalists to comfortably cook and serve enough food for one to two companions. The WindBoiler’s clear BPA-free lid plays triple duty: it features a strainer, a drinking lid, and is coffee press compatible.

MSR rounds out the WindBoiler stove collection with a handful of smart accessories, including the WindBoiler 1.0L Accessory Pot, WindBoiler Coffee Press Kit, and the WindBoiler Hanging Kit.

The WindBoiler stove will be available in stores in September 2014.

FlyLite Tent

Aimed at multi-day backpackers and thru-hikers who want minimalist shelters with full-weather protection. It is a two-person tent and is the lightest full-protection tent that MSR has ever made, only weighing 710 g (1 lb. 9 oz.). Here is an excerpt from the announcement...

Built upon MSR weight-saving technologies and livability features, the single-wall tent design efficiently utilizes two standard trekking poles for support as opposed to being weighted down by carrying traditional tent poles. A single ultra-light mini-pole adds structure to the rear of the tent, and can be swapped out for a trekking pole.

“As with all MSR tents, livability is prioritized in the FlyLite design,” said Terry Breaux, tent designer for MSR. “Despite the FlyLite’s minimalist construction, the tent has ample head and elbow room that enables two people to comfortably sit upright and face each other without feeling cramped.”

The FlyLite tent features vertical walls and a 29-square-foot floor space that result in a spacious 72-cubic-foot interior. A large attached awning provides extra rain protection over the door and is designed at a height that allows dwellers an unobstructed view while sitting. Awning-covered vents on all four sides minimize condensation by increasing air circulation, while the strong, DuraShield-coated nylon fabrics (10D on the walls and 20D on the floor) deliver twice the performance of traditional fabrics without adding weight. The FlyLite tent is detailed with taped seams and reinforced stress points to offer lasting protection.

The MSR FlyLite Tent should be in stores in January 2015.

Watch "True Wild: Kluane" For Free Online

Catch Cory Tréoanier's movie TrueWild: Kluane online for free. See spectacular footage from Kluane National Park of Canada as Cory searches for perfect locations to paint. Be sure to pre-order the full-length movie.

Experience the awe and wonder of Kluane National Park and Reserve through artist Cory Trépamier's month-long Kluane expedition. This inspiring short film, a taste of Cory's full-length documentary to come, sees him ski in the icefields and paint Mount Logan, Canada's highest peak.

Therm-a-Rest Announces Five New Camping Products For 2015

Therm-a-Rest just unveiled five new camping products that will appear in stores in 2015.

EvoLite Mattress

A two-season sleeping pad that self-inflates. It weighs 0.5 kg (1 lb, 1 oz) and is made from highly compressible Atmos Foam which is poured in a closed, atmospherically controlled chamber that allows all gasses to be captured and “scrubbed” before venting, ensuring precision control over uniformity and loft. Internally, this pad alternates from foam and air channels to reduce the weight and amplify loft. This mattress should be in stores Spring 2015.

TRēO Chair

The TRēO Chair is aimed at the weekend warrior with it's small, compact size and the neat feature of being able to be packed easily into it's own tripod base. It takes up less room than a 2L bottle and expands to 56 x 41 cm (22 in. x 16 in).

“The smaller chairs get, the more difficult and awkward they are to use. The TRēO Chair changes that experience, ” said Doug Jacot, vice president of Therm-a-Rest. “We started with a 13” seat height to provide that big chair feel while keeping the packed size among the smallest available.”

Rated for 113 kg (250 lbs) is constructed from a strong, composite tripod base to ensure no-tip stability and 6000-series aluminum poles. This chair should be in stores January 2015.

Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammocks

Therm-a-Rest has announced both a single and double hammock which are made from a soft polyester fabric for superior next-to-skin comfort. The attached pocket plays double duty as a stuff sack as well as a holder for books, tablets, and headlamps. The mesh Slacker Hammock Bug Cover extends the usability of the hammock in buggy climates. It clips into the Slacker Hammock’s suspension points and creates a bug-tight seal while a large zippered entry makes getting in and out easy. Clip lights or gear onto the exposed webbing ridgeline. These hammocks are made in the U.S.A., will be in five colours (including two with custom prints) and should appear is stores in January 2015.

Antares HD Unisex Sleeping Bag and Mira HD Women’s-specific Down Sleeping Bag

Therm-a-Rest announced that it will be using fluorocarbon-free Nikwax Hydrophobic Down (NHD) in its 2015 down sleeping bag collection. Third-party lab reports indicate that products made with NHD absorb substantially less water, retain more loft, dry faster, and withstand repeat washing better than any other fluorocarbon-free treatment on the market. The European goose down is sourced from U.S.-based DOWNLITE that adheres to an ethical supply chain practice and a bluesign®-certified manufacturing process.

The 750+ fill-power goose down sleeping bags feature a cutting-edge combination of technology, design, and materials that prioritize the body’s natural resting position and warmth equally. Weighing just 890 g (1 lb 15 oz) and 820 g (1 lb 12 oz) respectively, the Antares HD and Mira HD are the lightest three-season solutions in Therm-a-Rest’s 2015 collection. Both bags allow shoulders, elbows, and hips to move without restriction.

With an EN Limit rating of –9 degrees Celsius (15 degrees Fahrenheit), both bags are designed to work seamlessly with a mattress for greater warmth and freedom of movement, resulting in a dramatically better sleeping experience. Therm-a-Rest’s ThermaCapture™ lining reflects heat back into the bag while extra fill on the bag’s bottom adds warmth while reducing drafts.

The Antares HD and Mira HD will be available in retail stores in January 2015.

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Cots and Accessories

“For years, our customers have written us to say that Therm-a-Rest cots are as comfortable as their beds at home,” said Doug Jacot, vice president of Therm-a-Rest. “We wanted to take their sleep experience to the next-level with a handful of accessories that add even more value, versatility, and breathability to our cot collection.”

The flagship LuxuryLite Cot Bug Shelter fits snugly atop all LuxuryLite cots to keep mosquitos, spiders, and other uninvited guests at bay. The bug-stopping mesh retains high-clarity visibility and ventilation while the easy-to-set-up unified hub and pole system erects 139.6 cm (55 in.) high for a tent-like sleep experience.

The new LuxuryLite Cot Sun Shield plays double duty: the reflective, heat-blocking ThermaCapture™ coating repels the sun’s rays while the tarp’s taped seams provide light weather protection on rainy nights.
Keep renegade pillows in place with the Cot Pillow Keeper. Built with soft, brushed polyester, the Cot Pillow Keeper features adjustable straps to fit all of the LuxuryLite cot widths and the unique design keeps pillows from migrating throughout the night. Store headlamps and reading materials in the two underside pockets for easy access.

Therm-a-Rest’s new camp furniture line will be available in stores starting January 2015.

Free Park Entry at Manitoba Parks on Labour Day Weekend

Following the "Free Park Entry Weekend" during Canada's Parks Day, Manitoba Parks will host another Free Park Entry for the Labour Day Weekend (August 29th through September 1st). Due to recent flooding, be sure to check the Campsite Closures notices.

Download the Campers Guide as a .PDF to learn more before making your reservation and be sure to check out some of Manitoba's most popular parks.