Pet Grooming

Why Pet Grooming Before and After Boarding Is Significant

Even though you’d prefer to spend your entire day with your dog, there comes a time you’ll need to find an accredited boarding place to take them when you’re at work or on your well-deserved getaway. It’s difficult for you and your canine to let them go to an institution for the first time. Therefore, getting your dog ready is crucial. This includes ensuring that they’re groomed and comfortable before they go, and you can achieve this by taking them to a professional grooming service like Happy Tails Pet Grooming.

Pet grooming is an integral element of getting your pet groomed for boarding. The routine grooming process involves thoroughly cleansing the nails, trimming and shaping the hair, looking at the ears, cleaning the teeth, and conditioning the hair and skin. Grooming isn’t just a way to pamper your furry friend. It’s vital to their overall well-being.

The Benefits of Happy Tails Pet Grooming Before and After Boarding Your Dog

The grooming of your dog can benefit them in many ways. The query that needs to be addressed is whether or not you must groom your dog before and after boarding your dog.

Here are some reasons why you should:

Detect Health Conditions

The grooming process will help your dog appear neat and attractive and allow you to look better at its skin and overall health. It also allows you to spot any scratches, cuts, lumps, or bumps on the skin. This can alert you to potential health issues before they become more severe.

Bring your companion in for an examination, and be treated promptly for any problems that might arise before you bring your pet to boarding kennels. Following boarding, it is possible to assess the level of care that your pet receives.

Identify Parasites and Prevent Spread

Parasites can easily be detected and avoided with the help of thorough grooming. Your pet can contract internal parasites due to dirty paws and an unclean coat. External parasites like ticks, fleas, or mange are the same dangers to your pet. These can cause skin infections, as well as other ailments.

When you bring your pet for a dog bathing in Cumming, GA, particularly before boarding, you can get it cleaned and stop parasites from spreading to other animals. Additionally, if you do this action after having your pet boarded, you will not have to be concerned about your pet getting any parasites into the home.

How Happy Tails Pet Grooming Encourages Positive Behavior in Your Pet

This is considered one of the top reasons to brush your pet. It is beneficial to groom your pet, affecting their emotional health. The presence of a pet that smells and looks nice is an enjoyable experience. The pet’s mood will alter due to human reinforcement, translating to better behavior.

Cleaning your pet before your departure will help it to feel more comfortable with those who handle it, which may lessen anxiety. Additionally, you’ll be looking to ensure that your pet is groomed and in good condition on the day you return.

For your pet’s grooming and wellness needs, you can check the website of your trusted veterinary clinic for a booking. 


Your pet’s grooming is a duty that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Pets can quickly develop ailments if their owners fail to care for them properly. Pet owners should prevent the spread of illnesses and parasites, especially when boarding their pets.